Back to the Future

by goingvogueonline

 I know this is a fashion blog, where we take a look at the seasons’ hottest trends and admire haute couture, but after hearing about these futuristic Nikes, I couldn’t resist to post about them. They may not be the most stylish things out there, but they are “the rarest of Nike Footwear.” Inspired by the movie Back to the Future, these shoes have it all-from the LED lights to a 3,000 hour internal batter. One thing these replicas are lacking-self tying laces. Otherwise, they are exactly like the ones we see on Marty McFly’s feet in 2015. The shoes are being sold at auction on Only 1,500 pairs have been released and are selling for up to $4,000 a pair.The proceeds are going directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Check out the promotional video below!