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As a 16 year old living outside of Washington, D.C., I am eager to express myself in a world of emerging fashion and conservative style. “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” – Yves Saint Laurent

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Elie Saab Couture Fall 2012

This was without a doubt my favorite couture collection of the seasons–I simply love every garmet that came down the runway. I can’t get over how intricate and delicate each and every garmet is. The gowns were all Turkish-inspired garmets that were intricately embroidered and heavily beaded, yet they all still managed to look as light as air when they came down the runway. All of the looks were high glamor as Saab said that he focused on “onfusing the collection with imperial splendor”. The almost ephemeral quality of many of these dresses came from their materials: sheer fabrics, which adorned rich embellishments, such as Ottoman Empire motifs and fabric treatments that looked like gold leaf from afar. But Saab brought the collection back down to the ground with dresses in solid fabrics, too, which he decorated with the same expert hand he applied to the other breezy fabrics that floated down the runway.


Chanel Couture Fall 2012

Karl Lagerfeld thew a gardern party for Chanel’s Fall 2012 Couture show. It took place in Paris’s Grand Palais and was complete with plates of macarons, a ceiling painted to resemble the sky, bushes of camellia flowers, and rows of wicker chairs. The theme of the show was, “new vintage.” It paid homage to Chanel’s design history–Lagerfeld freshened up Coco Chanel’s classic tweed jackets by adding tulle to their hems and wrists. Other versions of the jacket were clinched at the waist with belts, while paired with flowing skirts and printed pants. The collection’s dresses were equally as stunning. Some used tulle to accentuate the shoulders, while other combined layers of pink ribbon and tulle to create horizontal stripes.

Dior Spring Couture 2012

I’m LOVING all of this couture! Dior debuted their latest collection in Paris last week and I am loving everything about it. Designer Bill Gaytten went for pure nostalgia in this incredible assortment of dresses. The structures of all of the garments screamed iconic Dior, while the transparent materials kept everything looking fresh and fabulous! All of the silhouettes were done up in layers of ultra-femme chiffon, organza, gauze in dark, edgy hues.

“It was the complete opposite to John Galliano-fantasy. It was very wearable,” – Vogue UK editor in attendance at the show