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As a 16 year old living outside of Washington, D.C., I am eager to express myself in a world of emerging fashion and conservative style. “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” – Yves Saint Laurent

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Resort Trends 2012

I can not begin to tell you how excited I am for the Resort season. From pale yellows to hot pink –it is all about use of color! One thing I can not wait to get my hands on is a little black red dress! I’ve had my eye on a few from ASOS and I’m eager to make it a new wardrobe staple. Another thing I’m looking forward to — LACE! I’ve gotten really into lace this past fall/winter and I can’t wait to make it transition into my resort wardrobe! What are your thoughts on the new resort trends? One thing I’m not looking forward to — more color blocking — I am beginning to think that it has been a bit over done. What are your thoughts?


Best of 2011

Fashion Feud

First of all, I just need to say that I am in llove with this Emilio Pucci mini! But to me, there is a clear winner: Adriana Lima (Left). She wore it before she took on the runway at Victoria Secret’s major fashion show. Although both Adriana Lima and Rihanna donned similar accessories; ho Rihanna’s red bouffant distracts from the beauty of the dress richly adourned with beads, mirrors, crystals and tassels.